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As the students finished their final practice quizzes on the computer, Trevor started passing out the papers for speed dating and of course he hands one to me. He told his students that I would be included in the speed dating round and who is able to explain the game. Writing Writing a Fictional Narrative. Obviously this is a taught and practiced routine.

Cuz yo those spammers are crafty like ice is cold. Students know their team, move to a line, and stand in line in silence. Drama Drama Circle Bundle. This is a great review game to use for students of any age for any type of Math class!

To differentiate, use a mix of difficulties. Newest Resource Wonder Drama Circle. This was a great way to assess where we should focus our review.

They know whether they have the answer right or wrong because they have a partner who can confirm the answer and the also have a student telling the whole class what the answer should be. My group didn't need the structure and were okay with three-to-five-way swaps of cards. All pictures and ideas are copyrighted by and belong to the owner of this blog, Jennifer Runde. Next Post Practical Math Homework.

Skill and Drill Without the Worksheets

Writing Writing Goals Clip Chart. Makes for a much easier day. Students are paired or in a trio and move from problem to problem solving it, identifying the solution in the room, first second and third and then working that problem. Writing Writing Revision Activity Bundle. Reading Close Reading Bundle.

Students learning and working happily, teachers facilitating conversation, asking questions, and floating around the room. What a fun way to practice skills! Kind of like task cards or a scavenger hunt with vocab terms, and for each problem, I give them a clue to circle a particular letter in their answer. And the students are to solve the problem and identify which answer goes to which problem? We love scavenger hunts too!

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Maybe the worksheet could have some pre written questions and some blank spaces for students to create their own questions too. One question that I would have for this is if having questions previously made would be good or if students could come up with their own to have others answer. Writing Writing Organizer Concept Posters. Hi Kate - just letting you know that I'm pretty much forcing every math teacher I come in contact with to read your blog, dating advice on a particularly this post.

What is Speed Dating


The routine of this activity has to be explicitly taught and practiced to keep things silent and moving. Hi Kate, I used this activity with success today - first day of spring-term calculus at my university. If managed well, it can we a win-win. Reading Reading Concept Poster Bundle.

  • If you will have the whole class working together, you need as many problems as students.
  • All Building Better Responses Bundle.
  • We also like to do stations.
Maths Speed Dating by triciaoram
3 Math Review Games to Get Students Moving - Maneuvering the Middle
  1. This game also allows immediate feedback on the students work.
  2. Scavenger hunts are my go to math review activity.
  3. Once they complete the problem, they find the word next to the correct answer and put it in their mad lib story.
  4. Obviously speed dating is a hit for the laughter and awkwardness that come with the title.
  5. Passion Projects in the Classroom.
Skill and Drill Without the Worksheets

Their is so much you can add to this activity I really like it! Math Math Reflection Fans. Challenge is a fast paced head-to-head competition. Introducing the Student-Led Classroom.

God of War is a new beginning for Kratos, a different game, but still one of the best entries in the series and one of the best games of this generation. The fire drill messed up your schedule, another perfect challenge opportunity. Also, there is for sure noise and conversation taking place, so you have to be okay with those two factors. You have different problems and answers posted around the room? Here is a link to a post with a better explanation.

Reading Collaborative Reader Response Activity. New Guided Reading Groups. We enjoy two twists on Jeopardy style games called Star Wars and a vocab-based game called Password. The class is divided into two teams and they line the wall of each side of the classroom. This game was a great way to see the student's thinking in action.

3 Math Review Games to Get Students Moving

However, that's usually the results of poor instructions. Writing Persuasive Letter Writing Bundle. Writing Writing Reflection Fans. Wait, maybe that was in my dreams. Last week I pinned a fabulous optical illusion art idea from We Heart Art.

Students become experts at a specific problem and then switch partners and get a new problem to solve. Students really get into trying to figure out the correct order of all the cards. It is the perfect sponge activity. Your email address will not be published.

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Why I Love Speed Dating
MATH CAN BE FUN Speed Dating in Math Class

If you are breaking the class into two distinct groups, you need half as many problems as students, but two copies. These are not limited to testing and as mentioned as feedback in the reader survey, hopefully a few tricks to get students engaged to add to your toolbox. Then I usually pair them up together and work with then while the others are working. Am I correct in this interpretation of the game. Three minutes left in class, quickly get challenge going.

Keep the good ideas coming! Last week I was scouring the internet for some more inquiry ideas for my classroom when I came across Genius Hour. Another favorite is Secret Word Vocab Review. The one side of the line moves one seat to the left and the other side of the line moves one seat to the right.

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All the problems should be appropriate for the level of the class. Math Building Better Math Responses. Reading Question Fan Bundle. To prepare, you will need cards or slips of paper with problems on one side and the answers on the other.

Math Interactive Math Journal Resource. Math Math Concept Posters. Math Building Block Perimeter and Area. Since the goal of speed dating is to be quick and fun, it can be tricky to have a time limit.

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Maths Speed Dating

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