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Install Hasp Driver For Mac

Install hasp driver for mac

Using resource mapping software. If you are using a plotter e. Which license is used if I have more than one? It is easy to add a reference line in your curve track at zero or any other value for that matter. You are a new WellSight Customer and you have purchased a license.

This could take a few seconds - up to a minute. Diagnostics Display a diagnostic report. Sometimes the default associations are not what you want. Uninstall the old version. You are advised to avoid using the Internet or disable your Internet connection while your anti-virus software is disabled.

The Command Prompt window appears. This is a physical device that must be connected to the computer. Then simply count and add up the meters in the interval with no cross hatching, and you have your net pay.

HASP Licence Manager Setup

To use an electronic license including a free trial license you must install your WellSight product directly on a real computer running a supported version of Windows. If you don't uninstall the old version, dewalt sds plus ground rod driver then both versions will be available. Temporarily disable your anti-virus software and try installing again. You can sometimes press Cancel and the installation will complete anyway. Install the New Driver Before you begin Ensure you have administrator privileges on your computer.

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We suggest that you save it to your Desktop and name it with your name or your company's name. The same host can run many virtual servers. When connecting a WellSight hardware key to your computer for the first time, you may see Windows messages informing you that new hardware has been detected.

When you receive this email, save the license file to your Desktop. For a stand-alone computer or client computer.

Can I run WellSight products over a network? This allows you to tailor the data to your needs - either to change the data, or simply to make the data you need more easily accessible. Will you also be using the printer to print black and white documents?

Before you buy, try it out. Contact WellSight to arrange payment for your license.

This is normal, unless you see a message that says the hardware could not be installed. The program can be run on any client computer connected to a network, including the server computer.

Quick Steps

Uninstall the Old Driver Follow these instructions for a stand-alone computer, a client computer, or a license server. Be sure the printer has drivers for your version of Windows. The plotting feature bypasses the Windows driver for the plotter. How do I create a shortcut icon to WellSight programs?

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Finally, if none of the above license types can be found locally on your computer, then the software searches for a network license. Ensure that the program runs correctly directly on the server before installing it on network client workstations. However, you can control many of these settings directly on the control panel of most plotters.

Strand7 Webnotes - ST Installation

If this update procedure fails, the hardware lock may not function properly. You will be prompted for a location to save the key information.

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Exit all programs except for WellSight's. These include new features as well as fixes and support for new Windows versions. If you have already used the free trial, contact WellSight to arrange an emergency electronic license to get you through the job. This process requires administrative rights on the computer.

Session A running instance of a program. However, this association can be changed on you, e. It is used for describing aspects that all three products have in common e.

The following steps show the procedure to use to create an exception in the Windows Firewall. Best suited for Canadian and international non-U. While this is not necessary, it is recommended unless you need to use both versions.

Here is a solution that was provided by one of our customers that may work for you if you are also having difficulty with one of these computers. WellSight programs automatically create shortcut icons on your desktop when you install them. Running a trial license Your license is close to expiring Hardware key not properly connected or not working Network license server not accessible. How can I replicate the same configuration on several client workstations?

FAQs - WellSight Systems

When it is done, the Operation successfully completed windows appears. Do not put it in a sub-folder. Using virtualisation software. Nahimic doesn't need to be uninstalled, can be started and run if the user wishes to use it when not using WellSight, and sound will still work perfectly fine without it running.

Do not automatically buy the cheapest printer. In this case, install the new product version over the old one.

How do I manage my WellSight license? Obtain a network license from WellSight using the same procedure as for stand-alone licenses, except specifying that you require a network license and for how many floating seats.

Now attach the key information file to an email and send it to info wellsight. Contact WellSight for network license pricing information. Note that even if you use a hardware key, your computer may also have an electronic license on it to support trial licenses. If you have a hardware key, ensure that it is properly connected Check when your license expires If it has expired, renew your license.