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Air Hogs Hawk Eye

At full throttle, it climbs well, but doesn't steer well. It actually flys great by itself, but watch the range!

Remote control toys are fun. Get fully charged and hand launch to let it fly! What you really pay for is the camera feature, which is a nice idea, but doesn't work out so well in practice. It's about what you'd expect to get from a low-end or older mobile phone camera. Got all the video you wanted?

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky

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On the Hawk Eye Blue Sky's first day of testing, there was too much wind for it. The Hawk Eye Blue Sky would be a fun toy to bring in for show-and-tell, and demonstrating what it can do in front of your classmates and teacher would make for an interactive outdoor presentation.

The difference is in the belly of this beast, which houses a working spy camera, capable of recording both photos and full-motion video from the air. No counterweight or trimming tape is included, but you can improvise. If provided it will not be published or shared. This plane works excellent, fly it in very calm weather, add a thumbtack or two to the nose to minimize pitching, great videos! Try to climb up in the air a good distance before starting a turn, and avoid doing successive circles as the craft will spiral downward.

Then it would be really great. It's a bit of a challenge at first, but you can learn how to handle it, and then it's just a pleasure. But judging from the commercials, it looks like it can fly well above the rooftops of your house.

As an indoor helicopter, it's expensive and not incredibly impressive. One thing I did quickly learn was that how sharply it turns will depend upon how much throttle you're giving it. Photos are also subject to motion blur if you're not flying perfectly straight.

With the blades spun up, as soon as I let go, it always lurches forward and starts flying like it has somewhere important to go, quickly. Next, I tried out the camera functions.


Experience intuitive direction control, impressive maneuverability and action packed footage. The next day, you could provide aerial photos of the gang. The nose fell off, the rotor guards broke, the wings have ripped in several places, but I assume thats from where I fly it. This makes it hard to line up the shot you want since the plane is moving.

That's not very convenient, especially when taking photos. To counter this, you'd need to attach some weight to the tail fin to lean the craft backward a bit. Next Tom Bingham Custom Guitars.

Making things harder is the fact that the camera isn't sitting in one spot facing a fixed direction while it's getting ready to take a picture, it's flying through the air at speed. This makes it chalenging to fly in small rooms. This was a pre-release test.

Air Hogs Hawk Eye Blue Sky

Increase the speed a bit, and then give it some weight. Your email address is optional. Spinmaster Mfgr's recommended min. The fact that it can record videos from the air is just over-the-top awesome for such a low-cost, toy-grade plane.

There's nothing bad I can say about this one! Home About Contact Follow. It's a lot of information to get from just one light, plus not only is it on the front, but it's recessed deep in the fuselage, so you can only see it from the front.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address is optional. It will fly differently into the wind than away from or across it, so it's important to be very mindful of the wind's direction and adjust to it as necessary. Feeding plants from their roots first makes a ton of sense. The Blue Sky is a pretty awesome-looking plane that looks like a futuristic jet or perhaps even a space fighter with its partly forward-swept wings.

Charge your plane and upload video by hooking it up to your computer. These sets are limited edition and individually numbered. It's important to start recording while it's flying towards you, so you can see the light, then turn around and aim for your subject.

The Hawk Eye Blue Sky actually was able to handle a mild, uneven breeze, enough to make lighter tree branches sway a bit. Speaking of video, asus psgc-mx 1333 lan drivers my final testing task was to get some video footage with the Hawk Eye.

Air hogs hawk eye usb driver

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The plane is capable of taking hundreds of pictures. The general rule of thumb with these really small foam planes is that if you can feel a breeze on your face, it won't fly. Spinmaster Mfr's recommended min.